Client Information
Session Goals
What specific wall or location do you want to hang your portrait?
What color tones are you drawn to?
Do you prefer color or black and white photographs?
Please tell me about your style and home decor. Use words like Rustic, Modern, Vintage, Victorian, Grunge, Minimilist,Rich tones, Light tones.
Please tell me what colors you have decorated the nursery with? Is there a specific theme?
Please describe things that are unique to your family. Do you/your family/your children have any habits or interesting character traits? Is there a special daily routine, or even a facial expression that is decidedly you/them?
Describe your vision of your session and what you want to capture most.
Are there any images on our facebook page or website that you are drawn to? Why?
Why did you choose Crystal Adele for your portrait design? (Thank you! Your answer helps me keep my client satisfaction high and maintain what the community enjoys about my business)
How did you hear about me? ( I would like to thank whoever sent you my way. Clients who refer me receive fabulous rewards through my referral program)
Select session type, date and time. Please note that session times are not final especially with newborn sessions.

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